Been talking to someone about Websites and Backups. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Guys, as a matter of course please please understand the basics concerning your websites. If I can use the analogy, having a website is a bit like a car. Owning a car, you have insurance in case anything happens. Websites should always have a backup system. The hosts will generally do this but not all of them do. I recently discovered that two people I knew had websites stored on a hosting service because it was I think cheaper than other services. However on investigation it turned out the reason for it being cheap was the website was managed by a host which worked out of the Philippines. The website was also not BACKED up at all! Websites do go wrong (like a car) so make sure there is support if needed. Its costly if you don’t. You may need to have a whole website rebuilt. Your hosts will only give so much support. WordPress is the cheaper option for a website build but it has its pros and cons. There are a lot of software updates within the system and they can conflict and cause pain. (A bit like Microsoft and IE together). You just have to go with the flow but a backup is a must

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