Just a few thoughts about the recent Google Algorithm changes i.e. being positively aimed at mobile friendly websites.
If your website (blog, personal, business) was built a few years ago and is not responsive (designed to work on all mobile devices) in design, the site’s ranking will have been affected.
As yet, it is too early to say what the effect of this algorithm has been as it only went live on April 21st. However, if your website is not mobile device friendly it will have definitely lost google page ranking!
The past algorithms Panda and Penguin affected website search rankings between 12% and 3% respectively.



Some of you may shrug and say “so what if I lose some ranking, its not a big deal!” Well it is, because your website will be penalised with each algorithm update. It will be a downward ranking trend and your business will lose. It won’t be so easily found in searches – your company’s online visibility will decrease and decrease!
Google aims to provide all users with the highest quality search results :
“By eliminating websites that are not mobile friendly from the mobile search, Google search fulfills its promise to deliver quality results. From their standpoint and from the viewpoint of users, it makes perfect sense.” Quote *
Google, to fulfill its own objectives, wants websites to be modern, versatile, user friendly, rich in information (naturally) and flexible for internet searching on any device.
Technology is always moving on and if you want to stay ahead of competitors you need to keep up.

So if you have a website that is not responsive why not talk to your original designer and see if your site’s coding can be amending to work with mobile devices. Alternatively, why not consider an overhaul of your site. Some sites would certainly benefit from a “new coat of paint and style”. A redesign of a website is a good opportunity to look at your business with fresh eyes and examine its strengths and weaknesses, where the business focus is now and where its going.

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