Website Type: Single Page WordPress Responsive Website

Price: £135.00

This type of website (a one page wordpress site) is displayed as a single page that has a scrolling facility so all the essential information on your website is shown on the home page.  The information is laid out in vertical sections, seen as your scroll down the home page.

  • This design was designed to be minimal and provide only relevant information on the home page.
  • This wordpress styled design uses interactive elements, grid layouts to create scenarios to catch attention, interest and action.
  • The one page design forces simplicity in the overall look and content. So much more attention grabbing and succinct to a viewer.
  • To view the home page in this design, users use a scrolling action which is intuitive. A parallax scrolling type involves image layers behind the mail page.
  • Single pages convert well because users are guided downwards to read the information and end seeing information for contacting website owner.
  • This type of website design is succinct and tight in content.  So in effect there is less to update, as the information is in on editable page.
  • It is a responsive design so viewable on all mobile devices

One page website structure layout


So would a one page design be the right sort of package for your needs?

Themes are generally offered at c. $40 for this package.

Pricing as of 22nd May 2015.



















Below are some links to some examples of one page wordpress designs:


GJO Lite Website Package includes:

  • One Page WordPress website theme (Editable and Responsive)
  • One UK domain purchase – cover for one year
  • Draft content provided
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO) text
  • Free text logo
  • Free CMS
  • Contact form
  • Gallery/Portfolio (if required)
  • Social media icons
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Email addresses & email forwarding
  • XML site map
  • Google Analytics
  • Registration with Web Master Tools
  • Registration with Google & Bing (Search Engines)
  • Promotion via Facebook
  • Facebook business page (plus cover image) if required

PRICE:  £135 

All website builds will require a non-refundable deposit.