I design and build wordpress websites for small businesses and sole traders (e.g. cake makers, roofers, alternative therapists, footcare therapists etc.). The software I use to build the website is WordPress (click here to find out more). I start with the basic theme but then work hard to change it to match the client’s branding. Our websites become very special and unique.


At the beginning of any web design project, I consult with the client to understand the background to the website: what is the focus of the site, who is the audience, will social media be needed, has the domain been bought, is hosting needed and what size will the  website need to be.

Web Design

A typical wordpress web design project involves the following steps:

  • Consultation
  • Purchase of Domain(s) (if needed)
  • Hosting
  • Choose theme, overall look
  • Choose colours and font
  • Design site map
  • Create logo
  • Create copy
  • Select images
  • Use sliders if needed
  • Overview and editing
  • Links to Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Registration
  • Launch

A wordpress website will need maintenance after launch.  The main software and associated plugins will need to be updated as and when needed to ensure functionality and security of the site. I am happy to train clients on how to do this or to do this on behalf of the clients for a fee.

Click here to see our Website Packages  or Pricing at a glance.

Recent wordpress sites I have built include:

Corporate sites I have project managed include:

  1. www.throgmorton.co.uk
  2. www.imiu.co.uk
  3. www.mininginsurancegroup.com (current)