Dear All

Just some pointers about owning a website. It is good to have the following info on a page for when you need it.

Website Domain(s)
How many do you have?
What are they called?
Do you own them?
(If you do, check the info here ( – is it correct, is your home address showing, do you want that? There is an opt out option.)

VERY IMPORTANT: What date does your domain(s) need to be renewed next?
(If you miss the date you could lose the domain.)

What kind of Website do you have (static, responsive, parallax, one page)? What was it built in?

If you have problems, who can help you? Your designer, your host or just you?

Where is the website/domain stored?

Is your site backed up? Does someone make copies of it in case there are problems?

If your site is hosted, do you know what service they are paid to provide you?
How good is the protection on their servers from hacking or virus or ….?

What are the Host (is using) contact details are if you need them?
(Not all hosts are available over the weekends)

Is your UK domain website (eg., .uk) stored on a UK server?
(Very helpful, Google likes it)

The software used to design your website – are there updates, if so who does them?
For instance, a wordpress site needs to be running on the latest version of wordpress otherwise its integrity could be a problem. WordPress sites use plugins, these need to be updated as and when required. These updates are monthly.

Do you own all the images used on your website, can you prove it if needed?

Just some thoughts.

WHOIS tool | Nominet
The WHOIS searches the UK domain register database for the domain name and then returns a message with information about the domain name searched for.Enter the domain name you wish to check in the…

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