Search Engine Optimisation – what on earth is that?

It’s a scary phrasSearch Engine Optimisation - SEOe “Search Engine Optimisation” but is so important when building and running a website.  It is also known as SEO.  This technique makes your website more visible to search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

When people are searching for a service on the internet, they will use a word, words or a phrase to find something particular.  For instance, if you are looking for a florist who does bouquets in Canterbury, you may use the following words or phrases to find the right service(s).

1. Florist local to Canterbury     2. Canterbury florists    3. Florist bouquet Canterbury   4. Bouquet florist in Canterbury Kent   5. Kent Florists.

It is what we all do but we are more likely to use certain words and phrases to find a particular service.  These are known as key words/phrases.

Google can give guidance on words and phrases that people are more likely to type into their search engine.  A web designer uses this information to build suitable words and phrases into the design and content of the website to make the website more search friendly and aid its Google ranking.

Gilliejellyonline uses search engine optimisation on all its websites as a matter of course.