What is Digital Marketing, why is it important to a small business?


“In simplistic terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.”   quote from www.SAS.com


Digital marketing is crucial for any business these days.  It is so important for businesses to reach their audience through digital channels (email, social media, search engine optimisation, blogs, online advertising, mobiles, forums)  as well as the more traditional channels (business cards, letterhead, brochures, advertising, signage, newspapers, tv, radio etc).

Businesses use digital channels to reach potential customers/current customers direct into their home, on their phone or tablet.

Before venturing into the digital world it is important for a business to develop a good strategy. Which marketing channels will you choose for your business and which are suitable to reach the right sort of audience for your goods and services?  This takes a lot of planning and preparation.  You will need to put effort into building and maintaining your business digital platform.

Make a Website


Build a website to advertise your business and brand.  Give people a platform to find out much more about your business, service or products.  Use key words and phrases  to make  your web site easier to find through search engines like Google and Bing (this is Search Engine Optimisation).

Social Media

In 2014, it was estimated that 24 million people in the UK are regular Facebook users.  Google+ is the second largest social network.  Linkedin is still the largest professional social network but not with the same growth rate as other social media. Other popular social networks are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc. So it is important to make a plan on how and what social media is best for your business.

Online Advertising 

Make use of opportunities to advertise your business.  Social media like Facebook allow you to create a business page and pay for promotion.  The promotion can be targetted in a number of ways such as country, gender, age.  Advertising is also available on forums and blogs.  Google also offers a service called Adwords.  This paid service can allow a company to advertise when people type certain keywords.

Blogs / Forums

Use blogs and forums to talk about your expertise.  These channels allow you to show people your knowledge and if they are interested they will wish to find out more and click on links created with your comments. Links to your social media perhaps or website.