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Hi, I am Gill, owner of Gilliejellyonline.

I have a passion for digital media and communication and now run a small business doing what I love.  I have a strong artistic streak and use it to build bespoke websites and social media for clients.

Skills & Experience

  • Trained in Website Design, Social Media, SEO, Google Analytics & Adwords
  • Project managed three corporate websites
  • Good skills in writing and editing
  • Have a strong creative arts background
  • Photoshop and photography skills
  • Experienced in marketing and communications
  • Experienced in Survey Monkey and MailChimp

Some Insights

I think my favourite project is probably still my first WordPress built website. My client runs two businesses and wanted to connect them together into one single site. I took a variety of courses in order to make the best site possible for my client.: See: The site:
  • is a fully responsive site that makes content look great
  • it has sliders to showcase content and specific marketing messages
  • has video and specially commissioned illustrations in the site
  • has social media links
At the initial consultation with a client I work hard to understand their business, what their goals are and what they want in their new website. It is important to discuss the overall look and style for the website, desired colours and fonts and general functions needed. Part of that discussion is to understand the products/services offered by the client and also to know more about their competitors and their offerings. I carry out research to help me create a website that is bespoke to the client’s current and future needs.  I aim to build a website that is special and unique!

In addition, I am happy to create a suitable social media presence for the client that is fully supportive to the business.

When I am not building websites, I enjoy walking in the countryside, visiting historic houses, doing family research, creating artwork and photography.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

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